VEHEMENCE - Spring 2014

Announcing a Kindle-exclusive new short story project!

Vehemence is the story of Ronald Blyte, a man who has made a series of poor life choices that have placed him neck-deep in the drug trade. When his co-conspirators turn on him, Blyte pays an excruciating price for his sins. After Blyte discovers the woman he loves was caught up in an attack planned by his former accomplices, he decides there is no expiration date on vengeance and that the guilty parties will have to answer -- in this life or the next. Visit to get your copy of Vehemence plus two bonus short stories for your Kindle today!

RESOLVE - Spring 2013

"J.J. Hensley's debut novel is a lean, fast-paced, suspenseful murder mystery -- told with style, intelligence, and wit. It pulled me in immediately and kept me guessing from start to finish."

                                                  John Verdon - bestselling author of LET THE DEVIL SLEEP.

"RESOLVE marks the emergence of J.J. Hensley as a crime writer to watch, an author whose real world scars give him an insight into fiction's mean streets."

                                                  James Grady - author of SIX DAYS OF THE CONDOR and MAD DOGS

"Much like a marathon course, RESOLVE is full of twists and turns, and one never knows what will happen just around the corner.  However, one need not be a runner to enjoy the thrilling story of crime and drama.  RESOLVE gives the reader the chilling sensation that the story could happen to anyone, making it all the more real."
                                                   Luke Watson - 3-time U.S. Olympic Trials Competitor

"RESOLVE provides a remarkably realistic and honest view into the mind of a long-distance runner. Hensley weaves his experiences as both a runner and a law enforcement officer into a good old-fashioned murder mystery. The result is a well-paced and absorbing book."          
                                                    Denny Mayo -

"J.J. Hensley has tied together the world of distance running and crime investigation to create a book that fantastically explores the core concept of both: killer competition. "        

                                                    Ryan Foster - Four time Big Ten Conference champion and three time All-American 
                                                    runner. Holder of two Australian records and member of 2012 Australian Indoor Team.

RESOLVE is a finalist for an International Thriller Writers Award - Best First Novel

RESOLVE won a Suspense Magazine Best of 2013 Award!